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Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers

  • Extra-Thick Dock Bumpers have tough piles of truck tire material virtually eliminating chipping or abrasion, unlike molded rubber, extruded rubber, conveyor belting or wood plank bumpers.
  • Attractive deep black color enhances a neat, professional architectural look.
  • Manufactured under pressure exceeding 1,500 lbs. to absorb over 80% of impact force.
  • Anchor bolts are protected by at least 3″ of rubber to prevent damage.

Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel.

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    Fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected recycled truck tires. Rubber pads laminated between structural steel angles and secured with 3/4″ steel tie rods.
    Bumpers may be ordered with angles or flat plates at each end. Use a flat plate for mounting bumper next to a dock leveler, or where the space is to tight to allow the use of angles.


    • When using the flat plate, it is welded to the dock.
    • *Extra Length bumpers must be supported in the center. You will need to specify one of the anchorage devices when placing your order.

    Click on the links below to view the spec sheets for each model.

    B910-14 – 9″ deep x10″ high x 14″ long
    B910-24 – 9″ deep x 10″ high x 24″ long
    B910-36-A – 9″ deep x 10″ high x 36″ long
    B920-11 – 9″  deep x 20″ high x 11″ long
    B10510-14 – 10.5″ deep x 10″ high x 14″ long
    B10510-24 – 10.5″ deep x 10″ high x 24″ long 
    B10520-11 – 10.5″ deep x 20″ high x 11″ long 
    B1210-14 – 12″ deep x 10″ high x 14″ long 
    B1210-24 – 12″ deep x 10″ high x 24″ long 
    B1210-36-A* – 12″ deep x 10″ high x 36″ long 
    B1220-11 – 12″ deep x 20″ high x 11″ long