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Loading Dock Lights

loading dock light, LED on swing armLoading docks are busy places, trucks coming and going, employees loading and unloading, so it’s important to make sure your loading dock is a safe place, by installing loading dock lights. There are various loading dock lights to fit your business needs. The staff at Rotary Products, Inc. can answer your questions about what type of loading dock lights would be most efficient and cost effective. Loading dock lights provide light needed for workers who unload long trailers.

Loading dock lights come in four light sources:

Businesses can choose between the standard duty arm or heavy-duty, triple strut dock arm, which can also hold a modular fan, along with the light. Depending on your loading dock needs, you can select from fully assembled dock lights or modular dock lights, which are UL/C-UL listed, and feature an on/off switch and wire guard.

Dock Lights, Industrial Quality

Preventing accidents is the goal of any business. Having all your employees understand safety signals, signs and lights keeps the business running smoothly. Installing industrial quality dock lights will help truck drivers park safely and loading dock staff work with less risk of being injured. By installing red and green stop and go lights, drivers will know which docks are open for parking and which are in use. Providing dock guide lights will help truck drivers back in to the loading dock safely. Other loading dock light options are:

Browse all loading dock lights offered at Rotary Products Inc. to see the completed details and information on loading dock lights and accessories.

Dock Safety Lights

Dock safety procedures are important to prevent injury. Making sure your loading dock has enough safety lights will help accidents from happening. Forklift operators will no longer worry about hitting ceiling lighting, with the ceiling-mounted incandescent flex arm. This elastomer arm will bend when hit with a forklift or other equipment, and will return to its original position. It also features an on/off switch on the light head. For a quote on loading dock lights and dock safety lights, contact Rotary Products today!