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Extra-Length Dock Bumpers

Extra-Length Dock Bumpers Uses/Applications

  • Extra-Length Dock Bumpers  are primarily used in conjunction with dock-seals
  • Ideal where dock refrigeration or warmth is needed


  • Dock-seal and bumper interact to totally seal the truck to the dock
  • Provides continuous protection for truck, cargo, dock and shelter to stop wind, snow and rain
  • Custom lengths available


  • Prevents loss of refrigeration or warmth
  • Maintenance free–weather resistant
  • Absorbs over 80% of truck impact and shock to protect dock and building
  • 5 year warranty


  • Made of tough rubberized fabric pads, 4 1/2″ or 6″ thick cut from selected recycled truck tires.
  • Rubber pads laminated between heavy structural steel angles and secured with 3/4″ steel tie rods


  • Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel
  • Four options for anchorage devices for extra-length bumpers

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    Extra-Length Laminated Dock Bumper Model Numbers and Specifications

    To view a diagram of the dock bumper click on the model number below.

    Note: 3/8″ flat plates may be substituted for one or both angles. AD-3 will be used as the anchorage device unless otherwise specified. If additional anchorage devices are required, there will be an additional charge.

    ThicknessModel #Standard Size (H x L)WeightAnchorage Devices
    4.5″B4506-87-A6″ X 87″98 LBS2
    4.5″B4506-99-A6″ X 99″121 LBS2
    4.5″B4510-51-A10″ X 51″101 LBS1
    4.5″B4510-63-A10″ X 63″124 LBS1
    4.5″B4510-75-A10″ X 75″147 LBS1
    4.5″B4510-87-A10″ X 87″172 LBS2
    4.5″B4510-99-A10″ X 99″193 LBS2
    4.5″B4510-111-A10″ X 111″218 LBS3
    4.5″B4510-123-A10″ X 123″238 LBS3
    4.5″B4512-51-A12″ X 51″120 LBS1
    4.5″B4512-63-A12″ X 63″148 LBS1
    4.5″B4512-75-A12″ X 75″175 LBS1
    4.5″B4512-87-A12″ X 87″202 LBS2
    4.5″B4512-99-A12″ X 99″230 LBS2
    4.5″B4512-111-A12″ X 111″258 LBS3
    4.5″B4512-123-A12″ X 123″284 LBS3
    6″B610-51-A10″ X 51″126 LBS1
    6″B610-63-A10″ X 63″154 LBS1
    6″B610-75-A10″ X 75″182 LBS2
    6″B610-87-A10″ X 87″216 LBS2
    6″B610-99-A10″ X 99″244 LBS2
    6″B610-111-A10″ X 111″272 LBS3
    6″B610-123-A10″ X 123″307 LBS3
    6″B612-51-A12″ X 51″154 LBS1
    6″B612-63-A12″ X 63″188 LBS2
    6″B612-75-A12″ X 75″223 LBS2
    6″B612-87-A12″ X 87″258 LBS3
    6″B612-99-A12″ X 99″299 LBS3
    6″B612-111-A12″ X 111″333 LBS4
    6″B612-123-A12″ X 123″374 LBS4