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Wall mounted air curtainAir Curtains: What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain is a machine that creates an air seal by blowing a controlled stream of air across an opening or doorway. An air curtain is also called an air door, which separates two environments, such as indoor and outdoor or refrigerated to unrefrigerated while allowing unobstructed traffic flow and vision. Air curtains are energy efficient and contribute to energy savings while regulating the temperature within the building or structure. They also prevent insects, air pollutants, and outdoor weather from entering the building.

Air Curtain Uses in Buildings and Warehouses

Air curtains are an efficient and cost-effective “door” for many locations. Some buildings which can benefit from air curtains are:


  • Main Entrance – to protect outdoor pollutants from coming in and maintain temperature.
  • Kitchen Delivery Doors – maintain a healthy, insect-free kitchen environment.


  • Walk-in Coolers – save energy while maintaining refrigeration temperature.
  • Outside Seating – keep cool air indoors while keeping insects outside.


  • Main Entry – maintain regulated temperature for customers.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Bar – customers inside are protected from weather and insects.


  • Drop off/Pick-up Doors – keep energy costs low and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while thousands of passengers pass through doors.
  • Baggage Loading/Unloading – keep
  • employees and machinery in a comfortable temperature while bags and cargo are moved.

Quick Service Restaurants:

  • Drive-Thru Windows – protect window servers from the outdoor elements.
  • Outdoor Seating Doors – maintain the temperature for inside customers, and keep insects out.

Grocery Stores:

  • Walk-in Coolers – keep refrigerated items cool and prevent food spoilage.
  • Shopping Cart Doors – cart-sized openings to dry carts and reduce heating/cooling loss.


  • Emergency Room Entrances: keep fumes out while patients and staff enter.
  • Main Entrances – maintain a constant temperature in the lobby for guests and patients.

Air curtains provide a safe, energy-saving, cost-effective entrance for all these locations and more. Air curtains are valuable wherever large groups of people move about from one location to another.

Types of Air Curtains

There are two kinds of air curtains or air doors.

  • Non-Recirculating Air Curtain:

This most commonly used air curtain is the less expensive of the two, easier to install, and has lower maintenance costs. It can be mounted horizontally on the top of the door or vertically on one or both sides of the door, depending on the height and width of the door.

  • Recirculating air curtain:

This air door is used in heavy flow areas, such as large stores or airports. These are more efficient air curtains because they return the collected discharged air, but the overall cost is greater.

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