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Truck Shelters, Trailer Restraints, Truck Dock Bumpers, and Truck Restraints

Everyone knows how important shelters are to protect your vehicle against all elements. These shelters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are not sure about which shelter is right for you, let us, at Rotary Products Inc., help you out. Founded nearly 62 years ago, we have been manufacturing and distributing all kinds of loading dock products ever since. The truck shelters that we build will give you full access to the trailer for loading and unloading the products. These shelters will seal against the outside of any truck and compress against the back of it while they are loading or unloading. Recently we have invented a new dock shelter SH403 which is an upgrade of our original SH402. These have a larger opening on the face and hence can accommodate more trucks.

Truck Shelters, Trailer Restraints, Truck Dock Bumpers, and Truck RestraintsBelow we have mentioned 2 common types of truck shelters that we have to offer you. Take a look.

  1. Rigid Truck Shelter

Our shelters have lasting strength and durability since we add steel angles in every corner. This one has 6 support trusses on either side of the shelter whereas the standard code is of only four. It is these steel angled brackets and support trusses that make our product stand the test of time. We even have light-transmitting panels on the top and the sides. The overall size of these is 11’6” x 11’ with a 30” projection.

  1. Soft-Sided Truck Shelters

Instead of those rigid wooden side frames, these have high-density foam cover with vinyl, because of which, the steel protective bumpers are not required in such truck shelters. These side cushions, installed with a touch and hold system, are also flexible and returns with no damage in events of a trailer miss-spot. In these shelters, the removal and replacements can be done without tools.

So, if you need a truck shelter for your dock, you can get in touch with us on 800-457-5251.