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Dock Equipment, Dock Equipment Suppliers, Dock Bumpers, and Dock Levelers

When you are loading or unloading goods to and from a trailer, there are many things to consider; safety being the primary one. Hence, Rotary Products have come up with various types of dock equipment that will make the job easier. From dock seals, truck shelter, curtain walls, to strip doors, you name them we supply them. Since we are in the business from 1958, we have years of experience when it comes to quality products that people can bank on.  Being a manufacturing unit our self, we can measure, specify, install, and service our products. We can boast of having contacts with some of the top dealers across the country which helps us bring to you the products you require.  At Rotary Products Inc., we take great pride in our production and unparalleled workmanship. Apart from honoring our promised delivery dates, we are honest, respect your time, and appreciate your business. 

Dock Equipment, Dock Equipment Suppliers, Dock Bumpers, and Dock Levelers

Below we have mentioned the 2 major types of dock equipment available with us. Take a look. 

  1. Security 

There are number of equipment that ensure that your vehicle does not shift or roll away. 

  • Dock bumpers: these are pieces of rubber which take the impact of the trailer at the floor level of the dock. 
  • Chocks: these are also pieces of rubbers located near the wheels to prevent trailer movement.

2. Gap Bridging  

It is very important to align the floor of the trailer to the floor of the dock. Certain equipment are used to bridge the gap and adjust the elevation of the vehicle.  

  • Dock levelerthis is a hydraulic plate located at the dock entrance, manually or electrically operated to accommodate varying heights of the trailers. 
  • Conveyer: this makes the loading and unloading procedure easier in a fluid load process. 

So, if you want to know further about dock equipment, you can get in touch with us on 7407472623.