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Plastic Curtain Wall, Plastic Door Curtain, PVC Strip Curtains

There are many shops or office cubicles where you cannot construct a door or a partition. These are the times you can install a plastic curtain wall to constrict the airflow or get the necessary privacy. Rotary Products Inc. is pleased to inform you that we have come up with plastic curtain walls that can serve your various needs from cleanliness to safety as well as environmental control. The biggest advantage of these curtains is that you do not need any professional help to install them and neither are any tools or skills required for that. Whether you want to mount it on the walls, suspend it from the ceilings, or hang it from some sturdy structure, you can do it. Made out of 16-ounce vinyl that is translucent in nature our product can act as a temporary wall in case you need some privacy or want to cordon off a particular section.  

Plastic Curtain Wall, Plastic Door Curtain, PVC Strip Curtains

Below we have mentioned a few significant factors to keep in mind while installing plastic curtain wallTake a look. 

  1. Wind Load  

Your curtain should be able to resist the pressure of wind as it has to protect the building. Since wind loads vary from place to place, you should enquire about the building codes before finalizing on the curtain wall. 

2. Seismic Load 

Generally, these curtain walls can withstand the load of an earthquake which makes the buildings sway. Make sure to get a curtain which can bear up to 3 inches of relative floor movement without breaking glass or water leakage.  

3. Snow Load 

Though these plastic walls are not concerned with these types of loads, this becomes an issue only when the slopes of these walls exceed 20 degrees. In general, the curtain walls are vertical or at most slightly inclined. Before buying the curtain one should definitely check the inclination. 

So, if you want to install plastic curtain wall in your office or shops, you can get in touch with us.