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Trailer Restraints and Truck Restraints

Safety becomes a huge issue when a large number of huge vehicles transporting heavy loads are involved. This is the reason Rotary Products, Inc. has come up with trailer restraints to keep the vehicles in check and avoid accidents. Since we are in the industry since 1958, we are well-aware of what our customers might be needing. Over the years, we have changed our line of business a few times, this gives us a perspective of the people, their thinking, and this helps us succeed in our business. Our products can assure you an additional level of safety and security while you can concentrate on the merchandise that you have to load or unload. With us, you will get a variety of dock locks also whose locking mechanism will keep the dock doors secured from any outside threat. Whenever you need any equipment to level up your security system, you can trust us at RPI. 

Trailer Restraints and Truck Restraints

Below we have mentioned the 2 most common types of trailer restraints available in the market. Take a look. 

  • Rig-dependant restraints 

This being the most common form of restraints, quite a few road trailers have rear impact guards or as they are commonly known as the RIG-bars which keeps the trucks from sliding down while the loading and unloading take place. These kinds of restraints offer flexibility and have powered-activated controls that make them dependable.  

  • Manual wheel chocks 

If your trailer is not compatible with a RIG latch, then you can go for the other common alternative which uses a set of wheel chocks to keep your trailer from shifting forwards and backwards. This wheel chock is wedged in front of the wheels to prevent any sudden movement of your vehicle. They can work on vehicles with hydraulic lift gates, tandem hitches, and even damaged guards. 

So, if you are in need of a trailer restraint, then you can contact us at 740-747-2623.