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Strip Doors, Air Curtain, Curtain Wall, Dock Seals, and Dock Shelter

One of the most economical options to create a barrier as well as a passage between two spaces is to use strip doors. They are also known as PVC strips or strip curtains and are very useful for improving traffic flow, preventing insects from flying in and providing protection against noise as well. Unlike doors, they do not have to be operated on at all, so they save a lot of your operation time.

At Rotary Products, we pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality strip doors, whether it is for internal or external use. We have a wide variety of strip door materials with different thicknesses, overlaps, and widths for you to choose from. In case, you need just rolls of PVC strip material, we offer them in bulk as well.

Strip Doors, Air Curtain, Curtain Wall, Dock Seals, and Dock Shelter Here are some more benefits of strip doors:

  • Cost-effective

Strip doors are the most reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective barriers. One of its main benefits is that it is always closed and only opens to the size of the object entering. A normal door would have to open fully every time an object enters into it. This feature of strip doors makes it one of the best options to use in a cool room or a heated room. They will save energy by minimizing the loss of cold or heated air.

  • Provides cleaner environment

Strip doors help you create a cleaner environment by preventing the movement of dust, fumes, insects and other pollutants. With strip doors, you can cover a whole area and ensure a smooth passage to transport your assets. They will serve as a barrier for the pollutants but will not restrict the flow of your assets from one place to another.

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