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Strip Doors, Air Curtain, Air Doors, Curtain Walls, and PVC Strip Curtains

Do you own a factory or a warehouse? Usually, a strip door is used in these areas for various kinds of industrial purposes. These are usually transparent but are also available in various colors. And you can also use them in different sizes to suit your needs. With its wide variety and easy installation, these are quite popular nowadays across all industries. We, at Rotary Products, Inc., can be the right choice for you. We are an established and experienced company with more than 35 years in this business. We can offer you all kinds of loading dock equipment and accessories. Starting with dock seals, truck shelters, dock lights, fans, and safety devices, pit levelers, walk ramps, curtain walls, wheel chocks, strip doors, and much more such equipment, we can provide you with a wide range of equipment. We are known for our quality products and low price range. So, if you need such strip doors for your business, you must opt for us without any hesitation.

Strip Doors, Air Curtain, Air Doors, Curtain Walls, and PVC Strip CurtainsHere, we have put together a few amazing benefits of strip doors and why you should install these. Take a look.

  • Cost-effective Way to Prevent Energy Loss

Strip doors are one of the cost-effective ways to prevent loss of energy resources or heat gain in any environment with controlled temperatures like a freezer or cold storage. It acts as a barrier between the heat entering into a space with an open door and the cold room, reducing the loss of cooling. It always opens according to the size of the things that are making an entry and is better compared to doors that completely open regardless of the size and shape of the object entering inside.

  • Protects You from Pollutants

Pollutants like smoke, fumes, dust, and dirt can be contained if you have a strip door. You can cover small and large door openings and get ensure a pass-through by forklift, transport cart, or technicians. That is why these can help create a healthy and clean working atmosphere by restricting the movement of dust and other such contaminants.

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