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Rack Guard

The end of the aisle on a pallet rack is most often damaged upright. A too tight turn with your forklift truck can cause damage to the upright and potentially make it collapse, causing product damage and injury. Rack Guard can prevent or lessen that damage and add a bright yellow warning to row ends or aisles.

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    Pallet Rack Protection

    Accidents happen. However, it is now simple and affordable to prevent damage and protect assets with pallet rack protection products. Safeguard your warehouse inventory, equipment and personnel with our post protectors, rack guards and floor rails. Built specifically to prevent damage from a forklift and absorb truck impact, these heavy-duty products are easy to install and available in six safety colors. Don’t let valuable rack and stored items crash to the floor or cause injury to an employee – make this smart investment today.

    Crash Guard Rack Guard

    Rack Guard is a simple and inexpensive way to absorb forklift truck impact that can damage pallet rack uprights and valuable product. Rack guard can prevent or lessen that damage and add a bright color warning to row ends or aisles. Before your rack and stored items become damaged, make a small investment that will make a big difference.

    Crash Guard rack guard can be shipped within 24 hours and is easy to assemble.

    Rack guard specifications:

    • Heavy duty design
    • Wrap-around feature protects rack from both front and aisle damage
    • Bolted to floor for extra stability
    • Powder coat finish –six standard colors available that last longer and are highly visible