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Stop and Go Lights

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    Loading Dock Stop & Go Lights!

    Loading Dock Stop & Go Light Alerts Truck Drivers and Loading Dock Personnel to the Safety Status of Docked or Docking Trucks….

    As a truck is being directed to an individual loading dock, the Stop And Go Light flashes green. The truck is cleared to back into the loading dock. When the trailer reaches the loading dock and is safely locked into place, a signal is sent to the Stop And Go light. The flashing green light outside changes to flashing red, telling the driver that he is safely docked. As an additional safety feature, a second Stop And Go Light can be installed inside the loading area. When the outside light flashes red letting drivers know they are safely docked, the inside light flashes green to indicate that loading or unloading may begin.

    Loading Dock Stop And Go Lights Benefits:
    • Have yellow polypropylene housing that will not rust, pit or corrode like similar metal units.
    • Shallow depths of unit (less than most dock bumpers) prevents damage to Stop & Go Light.
    • Mounting holes conform to standard building specifications.
    • Integral eyebrow-type sun visors for extended visibility.
    • Red and green lighting system takes advantage of innate color connotations, reducing the risk of operator confusion and/or error.
    Stop And Go Light Technical Specifications

    Housing: Safety Yellow Polypropylene
    Power Source: 12 Or 24 volt DC operation or 115 volt AC operation
    Lens diameter: 4 1/4″
    Light Set Dimensions: 11 3/8″ H x 6 3/8″ W x 3 3/4″ D
    Retrofit Kit Dimensions: 4.125″ H x 4.12″ W x 1.125″ D

    LED Stop And Go Lights Features:
    • Uses 5-10% the energy of an incandescent light
    • No maintenance
    • High vibration resistant – no filament to break
    • One year warranty
    Incandescent Stop And Go Lights Features:
    • Standard automotive bulbs are inexpensive and easy to replace
    • One year manufacturers warranty

    Model SG Truck Docking Communication Lights

    Model: SG10
    The SG10 is the simplest unit and contains no internal logic or flashing circuitry. The lamps simply light when the power is applied. The user is responsible for providing a power source with flashing circuit.
    CAUTION: The model SG10 with incandescent lamps must never be burned continuously.

    Model SG20
    This model is equipped with an internal flasher and selector switch. The switch will cause either the RED or GREEN lamp to signal alternately. The user is only responsible for providing a power source.

    Model: SG30
    The SG30 consists of an SG20 (control unit) and an SG10 (drone unit) linked via a communication cable with internal flashing circuitry. Flipping the switch on the control unit will cause either the red or green lamp to flash on the control unit and the opposite to flash on the drone unit. The user is responsible for providing a power supply to the control unit and attaching the communication cable to the drone unit.

    Stop and Go Lights

    LED Stop & Go Light Retrofit Kits

    Item #StyleVoltageAmps

    SG10 Series

    Item #StyleVoltageAmps
    SG10-12RGIncandescent12 V2.17
    SG10-12RG-LEDLED12 V0.03
    SG10-24RGIncandescent24 V2.1
    SG10-24RG-LEDLED24 V0.03
    SG10-115RG-LEDLED115 V0.03

    SG20 Series

    Item #StyleVoltageAmps
    SG20-12RGIncandescent12 V2.17
    SG20-12RG-LEDLED12 V0.03
    SG20-24RGIncandescent24 V2.1
    SG20-24RG-LEDLED24 V0.03
    SG20-115RG-LEDLED115 V0.03

    SG30 Series

    Item #StyleVoltageAmps
    SG30-12RGIncandescent12 V2.17
    SG30-12RG-LEDLED12 V0.03
    SG30-24RGIncandescent24 V2.1
    SG30-24RG-LEDLED24 V0.03
    SG30-115RG-LEDLED115 V0.03