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“Airdock” Air Bag Leveler

This Protected Single-Chamber Air Powered Pit Leveler is available from 25,000 lb. to 50,000 lb. capacity.  It has a 5 Year lift mechanism warranty, a 10 Year structural warranty, and a 
20 year full width rear hinge warranty. 

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    Pull-Action™ Lifting System The Pull-Action™ lifting system maximizes efficiency by using the entire power of the bag to lift the deck. During the loading operation, the Air Powered Dock Leveler bag remains stationary and fully protected. The Auto-Descent Lip™ extension uses the natural weight of the deck to activate the lip.

    Auto Decent Lip Extension The Auto-Descent™ lip extension uses the natural weight of the deck to activate the lip, unlike higher maintenance flip lip designs that compromise available lifting power.

    Air-Stop™ Deck Control With this unique option the dock operator has the ability to arrest the descent of the deck with a push of a button to avoid an obstruction or for safety and convenience in positioning the maintenance supports.

    Protected Single Chamber™ Balanced Air Bag Design The reinforced PVC coated Single Chamber™ Balanced Air Bag is protected over 99% of the time from environmental contamination. The Single-Chamber™ balanced design reduces material, redundant air chambers and unwanted seams which eliminates friction.

    Pull Action™ Lifting System The patented Pull-Action™ lifting system maximizes efficiency by using the entire power of the bag to lift the deck. Increased efficiency means less bags, seams, travel and cycle time resulting in long term improved performance. The compact and open design allows for easy inspection of all working components including the deck that saves time and improves safety.


    • Fully Protected, Single-Chamber™ Balanced Air Bag activation system
    • Exclusive Self-Cleaning Lip Lug & Header Plate design ensures maximum strength
    • Smooth Transition Continuous Fixed Rear Hinge with no pinch, trip or impact point
    • Integral Lip & Deck Maintenance Supports
    • Auto-Descent Lip™ Extension
    • Additional Center Deck Support
    • Full width Plated Front & Rear Hinge Rods
    • Six Solid Steel Rear Frame Supports
    • Full Range Telescoping Side Guards
    • Self-Contained Easy Access 120 Volt fan motor
    • Single Push Button Activation
    • 16″ Lip, (18″ & 20″ Available)
    • Security Night Locks
    • Two Heavy-Duty Dock Bumpers included


    • Air-Stop™ Deck Control
    • Self Forming Pour in Pan
    • 18″ or 20″ long Lip
    • Safety Barrier Lip
    • Zinc Plated Lifting Pans
    • Safety Yellow Painted Toe Guards
    • Foam Insulated Deck
    • Spray Zinc Deck, Lip & Frame

    Model* Width Length
    AD-66 6’0” 6’0”
    AD-68 6’0” 8’0”
    AD-610 6’0” 10’0”
    AD-6.58 6’6” 8’0”
    AD-6.510 6’6” 10’0”
    AD-76 7’0” 6’0”
    AD-78 7’0” 8’0”
    AD-710 7’0” 10’0”

    * Add capacity required Example: AD-68-35

    The “Airdock” Industrial Series of Air Powered Dock Levelers is the smart choice for the most demanding loading docks to receive the absolute best long term return on investment available. The patented lifting system utilizes a revolutionary Protected Single-Chamber™ balanced air bag and Pull-Action™ design reduces parts and friction while allowing easy inspection and access to the deck assembly.

    The self-contained design provides easy handling and installation with a fully protected bag and a lift system that does not contact the floor of the pit.

    Available in capacity ratings from 25,000 to 50,000 pounds in increments of 5,000 pounds, and standard nominal platform sizes of 6, 6.5 & 7 feet wide x 6,8 & 10 feet long. Standard features include full operating range telescoping side guards, night security locks, integral lip and deck maintenance supports, safety black & yellow side skirt labels, and two heavy-duty dock bumpers.

    Operation The operator presses the control button until the deck is fully raised. Releasing the button activates the Auto-Descent Lip™ system that extends the lip as the deck lowers placing it smoothly onto the truck bed. The leveler will float up and down and side to side with the truck during loading to maintain lip contact at all times. To store the dock leveler, the operator presses the control button activating the lift system allowing the lip to automatically retract to a pendant position, releasing the button deactivates the air power to store the leveler in a fully supported position level with the building floor. The standard 16” lip will extend out 11” beyond a 4” bumper and engage a truck 12” above and below building floor level.

    Note: Longer lip option reduces above dock service range.

    Construction Unitized platform structure with dual side 33% beam to deck weld pattern and continuous welds at the beam to header plate and lugs for maximum strength.

    The deck plate, lip plate and beams are constructed from high-tensile steel and safety tread top running surface. The deck support structure includes dual flange style beams, center deck support and welded side guards for superior strength.

    The frame has four upright, two forward supports and a fixed continuous smooth transition rear hinge to eliminate pinch, trip or impact point. A security lock system prevents illegal building entry when the overhead door is closed. Full width zinc plated front & rear hinge rods are constructed from SAE 1045 superior shaft and factory coated with anti-seize lubricant. A single NEMA 4 push-button control operates the 120-Volt fan motor.

    Warranty We guarantee that the “AIirdock” Industrial Series Air-Powered Dock Levelers will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt or the factory will repair, replace or remove the product and refund the purchase price. In addition, the front and rear hinge assemblies are guaranteed, under specified guidelines, for a period of Twenty-Years, and the deck lip and frame for Ten-Years.

    The lifting assembly including bag, fan motor, housing and all fittings are guaranteed for Five-Years.