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Loading Dock Seals, Door Dock Seals, and Dock Seal Manufacturers

Loading dock seals are an integral part of facilities that must be installed and maintained with a lot of attention. Almost every article that needs to leave or enter a facility will go through a loading dock. Thus, any inadequacy in this area will not only slow down business operations but will also end up losing your money. Injuries that take place due to unsafe and inefficient loading docks need to be curbed by all industries. So, if you want to make it safe, then you must go for loading dock seals. These provide the perfect alignment between the dock and the trailer. Additionally, they also help in reducing energy costs by maintaining the internal temperature of the facility. If you want the best in loading dock seals, then we, at Rotary Products Inc. can be of assistance. For nearly 25 years, we have been surpassing our clients’ expectations by manufacturing and installing high-quality dock seals. We make sure to also offer our clients with custom compression dock seals because getting the right products according to differing preferences is our specialty!

Loading Dock Seals, Door Dock Seals, and Dock Seal Manufacturers Here’s how you can pick out the best loading dock seal for your facility. Take a look.

  1. Measure Properly

Make sure you measure the dimensions before you select a dock seal. If there are gaps, it will create a passageway for the heat to enter or escape through it. The first step in this regard is to measure the height and width of the trucks. If they differ in their measurements, then you can opt for a dock seal that has a head curtain.

  1. Calculate the Dock Traffic

You need to factor in the traffic at your docks as well. If you expect constant friction on your seals and heavy usage of the dock, then you should go for models that have an abrasion-resistant fabric. The same goes for trucks having air ride suspensions that can damage regular dock seals.

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