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Loading Dock Lights, Loading Dock Leveler, Loading Dock Seals, and Loading Dock Bumper

When you are working at full force and you have deadlines to meet, you do not want any interruptions or any accidents which might cause delays. Hence investing a high-quality loading dock lights will be a wise option. Rotary Products Inc. has been manufacturing loading dock equipments for almost 4 decades now. Since we are involved in the production of every product you buy from RPI, you can get the benefit of custom designing as per your unique requirements. Our association with dealers across the country has helped our customers immensely with specific measurements and the quality of each and every productYou can select from our range of light sources, incandescent, quartz halogen, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide. They are all UL/C-UL listed and made from the highest quality materials to ensure longevity. Keeping up with the ever-changing industry, we have even updated our products by adding electrical outlets to the arm, an ON/OFF switch, and even a wire guard. 

Loading Dock Lights, Loading Dock Leveler, Loading Dock Seals, and Loading Dock Bumper

Below we have mentioned a few necessary types of dock light accessories needed in a trailer. Take a look. 

  • Heavy Duty Arm Bracket 

This arm bracket basically provides support. At times when the mounting arms are longer than 90” and some fan units are also added, we use this bracket to give the much require additional support. 

  • Wire Guards 

The correct combination of bulbs and these wires are used to prevent fires. The wires also prevent the bulbs from getting damaged by any external objects. You can fix these to Polycarbonate, Metal, and Gooseneck light heads.   

  • DLFAN Kit 

The fans mounted on these dock lights are used to provide air circulation and cooling inside the trailer. These fans usually come with a “Y” cord which lets us use the fan separately or along with the Dock light heads. 

So, if you have any other quarries regarding dock lights, you can contact us on 800-457-5251.