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Loading Dock Leveler, Loading Dock Bumpers, and Loading Dock Seals

Do you have a business that involves the transfer of products between a dock and a truck? If so, you must be aware of the importance of a loading dock leveler. This equipment is very important to make the transfer operations easy, fast and safe. It is important that you choose your dock levelers from good companies because only then will you get excellent quality products.

At Rotary Products, we have over 60 years of experience in providing quality levelers with outstanding strength and durability. We offer mechanical and hydraulic models as well as brush seals for dock levelers. You can rest assured that our experience in this business has led us to accumulate the knowledge and expertise to help you determine the right and best fit levelers which will work best for your loading dock. We provide our services to the whole of North America. For any assistance on dock levelers, contact us today.

Loading Dock Leveler, Loading Dock Bumpers, and Loading Dock Seals Here are the two types of loading dock levelers you can choose from:

  1. Mechanical dock leveler

A mechanical dock leveler usually has an activating lever and requires lesser effort for you to activate it. In this leveler, there are torsion spring assists with integrated handles which results in a very low effort for you to handle. The safety is more enhanced because there are fewer efforts in operation.

  1. Hydraulic dock leveler

There are fully hydraulic dock levelers that ensure trouble-free and reliable operation. It can be more expensive but serves as the best return of investment which is good for any business. You need to simply push a button to activate this kind of dock. The operation of a hydraulic dock leveler serves for a safe, smooth, controlled and reliable process.

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