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Loading Dock Bumpers, Extended Dock Bumpers, and Rubber Dock Bumpers

If you own a dock, you must be aware of the importance of a bumper. We, at Rotary Products, understand that your loading dock is the prime location of your business, so we have come up with loading dock bumpers to keep your docks safe and secure. Since 1958, we have been manufacturing custom-made loading dock equipment which includes dock seals, lights and nameplates, and dock track protectors. Unlike elsewhere, with us, you will get the right products for the job with precise measurements. Since we manufacture our own products, you can be guaranteed that all your custom design needs will be met. We are connected with a good network of dealers who can install and service our products for you. Our team of technicians takes great pride in surpassing your expectations with every job.

Loading Dock Bumpers, Extended Dock Bumpers, and Rubber Dock Bumpers Below we have mentioned a few general reasons why one should invest in dock bumpers. Take a look.

  • Protects your boat

Boats, just like any other vehicle, are a big investment. You would want to take good care of it. Sometimes it gets difficult to maneuver the boat into a dock, especially when you have a large boat. You wouldn’t want to damage your boat every time you have to park at a dock. With dock bumpers, you can save your boat from dents, holes, or paints being chipped out. These bumpers end up saving you a lot of money and stress on your boat hitting against the dock.

  • Protects your dock

Not only your boat, these dock bumpers even protect your docks. Every time a boat parks in your dock if it keeps hitting your dock, the structural integrity of the boat, as well as the dock, will weaken. Repairing it can be an expensive affair.  You would want your dock to be sturdy when the passengers walk over it; these bumpers would do the job absorbing the maximum impact of the boat.

So, if you are in need of any dock bumper for protecting your dock, you can call us on 800-457-5251.