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Loading Dock Bumper, Industrial Loading Dock Bumper, and Dock Bumpers

Loading Dock Bumper, Industrial Loading Dock Bumper, and Dock Bumpers Do you want a smooth transferring of goods from the dock on to the trailers? Are you looking for an efficient bumper system? Let us, at Rotary Products Inc, bring you just the loading dock bumper that you have been looking for. Manufacturing various loading dock equipment since 1958 has made RTI a name to reckon with. There are various types of bumpers available with us for different types of trailers and trucks, but they all perform the same function; protecting your building and the vehicle while loading goods. While some come with angles like a T or an L, others come with an extra layer of protection. Depending on your workload, our professionals can suggest the right type of dock bumper for you as picking the right one is very important otherwise it can hamper the entire process of loading and unloading goods.

Below we have mentioned the 3 common styles of loading dock bumpers available with us. Take a look.

  • Laminated Dock Bumper

This type makes the best choice for impact absorption and it also lasts long. With angles for most applications, these bumpers are usually equipped with ¼” steel plates at both ends while some come with a flat plate to be used as a dock leveler.

  • Steel-Faced Dock Bumpers

These are best suited for places where heavy loads are involved and a lot of up and down trailer movement happens. Reducing the excess wear and being cost-effective with fewer replacement costs are some of its advantages. They are also resistant to weather damage.

  • Extra-Thick Dock Bumper

Generally used in loading dock with decline approaches, these have a 3” rubber protection to protect against damage. It comes in dark colors which make it look neat and professional and it can absorb up to 80% of the impact force.

So, if you cannot decide which dock bumper to go for, you can give us a call on 800-457-5251.