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Don’t Check only Price on Your Next Plastic Door Curtain, Strip Doors and Bulk PVC Strip Material

Let’s say you’ve done some research into getting strips for a plastic door curtain. You go to a manufacturer’s site to look at the hardware and size needed, availability, and all the other specifications. Now you’re ready for the last comparison search – price. You call an 800 number, talk to a salesperson, or somehow get multiple quotes.

Your eventual purchase is at the lowest price. After all, an .080” is .080” thick and a .12” is .12” thick, right? Wrong!

Plastic Door Curtain, Air Curtain, Air Doors, and Plastic Curtain WallThe way some manufacturers can offer the lowest price may be by skimping on the quality of their plastic door curtains. This includes skimping on thickness, from 10% to 20% thinner than advertised. These percentages are much higher than the allowed variance. Now the plastic door curtain you bought to keep out temperature extremes isn’t doing so well. The fumes you wanted to keep from employees aren’t staying on their side of the plastic door curtain. And, you’re getting complaints of smells and respiratory distress. All of a sudden, the lowest price isn’t paying off.

The plastic door curtain you choose for your business has a specific purpose and is an investment for your company. Choices are made for a number of reasons:

  • Keep out birds, insects, or other wildlife
  • Climate control through temperature escape or introduction
  • Restrict fume transfer
  • Dust and dirt control
  • Unrestricted passage for employees and machinery
  • Noise reduction

How is the plastic door curtain going to function if it’s not the thickness needed for the job? And, if the thickness isn’t up to quality measures, what else might be lacking? Budget plastic and vinyl strips may have other manufacturing flaws. Upon closer inspection, you might see additional flaws including flow marks, cloudiness, and other imperfections that might reduce the stability of the plastic including longevity.

Rotary Products stands behind all their plastic door curtains and every other product we manufacture. Call us to talk about your specifications. We carry a number of different options to meet federal regulations and your own needs. And, we’ll make sure you are getting the right material for your application – internal, external, high traffic, personnel traffic, or whatever you need.