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Dock Shelter, Dock Bumpers, Dock Equipment, and Dock Levelers

If you own a loading bay, you would know how beneficial it can be to have shelters. Apart from the basic purpose of protection, a dock shelter will even enhance your workplace. Originally founded by James Buechel in 1958 as a broom refilling service, Rotary Products Inc. has been owned and operated by his son Chris Buechel from 1982. It is because of our association with a few of the country’s top dealers that we can offer you custom-made products that you can measure, install, and service. After taking into consideration many factors, our shelters are designed to accommodate wide trailers and are even equipped with safety yellow guide stripes for proper alignment of the trailers. At Rotary Products, our priority has always been to get our customers the right product for the job. We take full responsibility for our products which is why we deliver quality materials and honor our promised delivery dates.

Dock Shelter, Dock Bumpers, Dock Equipment, and Dock Levelers Below we have mentioned a few key advantages of having a dock shelter. Take a look.

  • Prevents your goods from picking up dirt

By providing an optimum sealing between your firm building and vehicles, these shelters provide keep your goods safe from any external impurity. Hence your goods won’t be ruined by the dirt.

  • Minimize worker illness

When an employee falls sick and takes days off, it can affect your business. This is when having a dock shelter can be beneficial as it reduces worker illness by sealing the interior and exterior areas and maintaining optimum working conditions.

  • Protects from adverse weather conditions

Another primary function of the dock shelters is to prevent the interior spaces where the loading takes place from harsh climatic conditions like rain or snow. If the loading bay becomes wet and slippery it might come in the way of efficient functioning.

So, if you are planning on installing dock shelters, you can get in touch with us on 740-747-2623.