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Dock Seals, Brush Seals, Dock Door Seals, and Dock Leveler Seal Kits

A very useful item that many people are unaware of when they park large vehicles at harbors and ports is dock seals which are padded bumpers along the park space walls. We, at Rotary Products Inc., make sure that you know about these useful items so that you can reach out to us and benefit from their use. We make different varieties of this item for its use in many different ways. Our range includes types such as the 18” header variety, compression variety, adjustable curtain variety, and the MC header variety. We make sure that our products are made of top quality materials so that our customers do not have a scope to make complaints. We understand that our items are responsible for the safety of vehicles that are used for loading and unloading of items that need proper handling. Thus, we take proper care to make items that are authentic and measure up to international levels.

Dock Seals, Brush Seals, Dock Door Seals, and Dock Leveler Seal Kits Here, we have put together a few vital uses of padded bumpers that are present long the parking lots of harbors for trucks and large vehicles. Take a look.

  • Protection for the Rear

While backing into a parking space, it is not possible for the driver to be able to see the back of the vehicle. So, chances are that he or she will not know when the rear end has collided with the wall. Thus, these items are put in place to protect the rear end.

  • Guard on Three Sides

These items do more than just protect the rear end. These have extensions that also serve to guard the sides of the vehicles. This is useful since it prevents the vehicles parked along the sides from bumping into these. If all the vehicles parked side by side use these, then all can remain protected.

So, if you think that you need to use such an item for the benefit of your vehicle then you should get in touch with us without any further delay.