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Dock Safety Signs, Dock Door Locks, Dock Door Seals, and Dock Levelers

If you have a business that does a lot of shipping, transporting and handling products, chances are that you already have a loading dock. Since loading docks perform a lot of activities, you need visual cues for the success of these zones. Loading dock safety signs are essential to keep the warehouse clean, safe and productive at all times. They can inform and instruct your workers as well as visitors about the loading dock and keep the zones where they are located clear and safe.

At Rotary Products, we have been providing all sorts of loading dock services since 1958. We provide custom made dock equipment as well as the best safety and lightings for your loading docks. Our safety lights and signs have been aiding truck drivers with dock safety procedures for their continual success. Need a loading dock safety sign but having a hard time finding it? No problem. We got you covered with customized signs to meet your specific needs.

  1. Provides education

Loading docks are the busiest part of a warehouse or industrial buildings. With employees, visitors and vehicles or other equipment constantly moving in and out of the area, a poorly handled loading dock can easily create confusion, traffic, and accidents. A proper sign near the loading docks can help prevent severe damage to goods, personnel, equipment as well as the building itself.

  1. Provides direction

Safety lights can be used as signaling devices that can help alert loading dock personnel on the status of docking trucks. They can provide clear instructions to incoming drivers when approaching or navigating a loading dock. Safety lights can also serve as an ideal reference point for drivers to align a truck while safely backing into a loading truck. These lights serve as guiding lights to reduce any risks of accidents around loading dock areas.

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