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Dock Levelers, Edge of Dock Leveler, and Loading Dock Leveler

For any business to be successful, you have to deliver products within the deadline. And, for that, you need an efficient shipping system with well-maintained equipment. Rotary Products, established in 1958, is by your side with our dock seals, truck shelters, dock levelers, and other dock equipment. Though we started as something else, we eventually ventured into the loading dock industry. In most cases there is a slight variation between the dock height and the truck height; this is where our levelers are used.  All our products are available with or without bump blocks, functions in limited space, with light to medium loads, and in average traffic. Maximum numbers of times these dock appliances are misapplied due to the lack of knowledge of the people; but with Rotary Products, our professionals will explain every little detail to you so that you don’t have to face much hassle.

Dock Levelers, Edge of Dock Leveler, and Loading Dock Leveler Below we have mentioned 3 primary ways for you to maintain your dock leveler. Take a look.

  • Lubricate the components

Just like any other machine, even a dock leveler needs lubrication to function smoothly. Greasing the pivot joints and hinge tubes will prevent rusting and breaking down of the parts. Since they are constantly in motion oiling them will increase their lifespan.

  • Check the fluid level on hydraulic dock levelers

Since these run on power derived from hydraulic fluids, you have to keep checking the level of these fluids. If the level is low, then the machine won’t operate in its full capacity; it might slow down the process. You should flush, clean, and change the hydraulic oil annually to prevent spending thousands of dollars on its servicing.

  • Keep everything clean

The place where the dock levelers are installed is a high traffic area full of dirt. You leveler might pick up this dirt and debris which obstructs the working parts, corrodes its joints, and eventually slows down the work. An inspection should be carried out at regular intervals to keep the dirt off the machine.

So, if you want any other help with our dock leveler, you can get in touch with us.