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Curtain Wall, PVC Strip Curtains, and Air Curtain

There are many different types of panels made of many different materials that help in protecting the buildings from various outside elements. These are known as curtain walls. Rotary Products Inc. is here with our customized options of these walls. Whether you want to prevent the outside elements to enter or you need to partition or cordon off an area our Custom Curtain Wall System can help you out. Since they are easy to install and does not involve much tool work, they have soon become a preferred choice of the people. You can just hang them from the ceiling or mount them on a wall when in use, and when not needed they can just be rolled out of the way. Our products are suited for all types of facilities, be it a manufacturing unit, a warehouse, an office, or even schools.  

Curtain Wall, PVC Strip Curtains, and Air Curtain

Below we have mentioned the 3 principal advantages of installing curtain walls in your building. Take a look. 

  1. Keeping out air and water 

Curtain walls are known to act both as a buffer and an insulator; they help in keeping the air and water out of your building. These curtains also help in maintaining the buildings, making it easier and affordable, as they provide an additional protective shield. 


2. Slowing the spread of fire 

If in an unfortunate incident there’s a fire, these curtains work a great deal in slowing down the spread of fire between the floors. They act as a barrier which prevents the easy transferring of the fire, especially in taller buildings. 


3. Reducing building sway 

One of the most crucial roles of a curtain wall is to reduce the swaying of any building due to high winds. These walls are not intended to provide support for structural stability but they play a big role in evening out the stress on any building.  

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