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Air Curtains, Air Doors, Curtain Wall, and Plastic Door Curtain

Not all office entryways, retail spaces, and even restaurants have doors. But how to keep the conditioned air in and the sultry, humid air outside? You can use the air curtains from Rotary Products Inc. Founded in 1958, we have been making custom-made loading dock equipment like dock seals, strip doors, and truck shelters ever since. These air doors are usually mounted from the ceiling and the discharge nozzle along with the directional vanes can be adjusted as per your requirement and to get the optimal performance. You can either have a continuous air curtain or you can wish to install an automatic door switch which will be activated the moment whenever the physical door is opened. And, when such doors close, the curtains will automatically be deactivated. In this way, they keep the interior temperature consistent; this not only helps lower the energy bills but creates a comfortable working climate for your employees. 

Air Curtains, Air Doors, Curtain Wall, and Plastic Door Curtain

Below we have mentioned 3 advantages of using air curtains in commercial properties. Take a look. 

  1. Energy savings 

When your HVAC system is running, it takes a force to condition the space. In large commercial places, where there are people continuously going through the door, these curtains help in keeping the untreated hot air outside, and the cool treated air inside. 

2. Smell 

If your building is situated near an industrial area or by a canal, having an air curtain can help in keeping the uncontrollable smells outside. By keeping the unpleasant odor outside it keeps the indoors contamination free. 

3. Humidity control 

The humidity in the air has a huge impact on the HVAC system. The extra force of the air curtains prevents the outside humid air to enter your property, thus, reducing the stress on your cooling system and allowing it to perform at its full efficiency. 

So, if you need air curtains for your commercial spaces, you can get in touch with us.