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MVR100 Mechanical Truck Restraint

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    Outside system: Two (*2) warning signs (one mirror reverse) for truck driver.
    Inside system: One (1) sign for loading / unloading operations.
    Required power source: None required for MVR100.

    • Low Profile
    • Bolts to dock face and ground
    • Restraining force of over 50,000 lb.
    • Self-cleaning spring and hook assembly
    • Competitively priced to make safety affordable

    Product Characteristics:

    1. Product: Fully mechanical truck restraint – Model MVR

    2. Size: 17 ¾” wide x 28 13/16″ tall.

    3. Restraining Capacity: 55,000 lbs.

    4. Construction: Hook and hook housing constructed of ½”, 55,000 lb. minimum yield steel plate (smooth).

    5. Operation: Manually operated with push bar. Provided wall-mounted bracket on which to hang push bar.

    6. Communication System:

    7. Off ground mounting standard

    Submittal Drawing “MVR” Mechanical Truck Restraint

    Submittal Drawing Blockout / Extension for MVR & EVR Series