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Model D-6

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    • Extruded dock bumpers are appropriate for outdoor or indoor protection.
    • Extruded bumpers are used for commercial loading docks, parking garages, and marinas.
    • Extruded bumpers are ideal for vehicles such as tow trucks, trailers and heavy duty construction equipment.
    • Extruded dock bumpers provide in-plant wall protection from forklifts and other material handling vehicles.


    • Extruded bumpers have a variety of styles available for greater flexibility.
    • Extruded dock bumpers can be pre-drilled for immediate installation.


    • Extruded bumpers install easily.
    • Extruded bumpers eliminate costly and unsightly damage to equipment, vehicles and structures.
    • Extruded bumpers are resistant to all types of weather.
    • Extruded bumpers are crafted with simple, one piece construction.
    • Extruded bumpers have a one year warranty.


    • Extruded bumpers are made of solid rubber for medium and heavy-duty protection.
    • All extruded bumpers have impact resistance (ASTM 2632) of 75% with a durometer reading of 70 plus or minus 5.
    • D-4 and D-6 extruded bumpers are available with steel mounting bars.


    • Anchor bolts are easily installed into dock through the extruded bumpers’ pre-drilled holes.


    • Furnish and install extruded rubber dock bumpers as manufactured. Resilient molded nylon and polyester reinforced rubber as well as rubber bumpers.
    • Extruded dock bumpers are made of rubber with a durometer reading of 70 plus or minus 5. Tensile strength of 1,850 PSI with and elongation of 220%. The tear strength (ASTM 624) is 229 pounds per inch with impact resistance (ASTM 2632) of 75%.