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Z-Series Dock Seal

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    Z-Series “SUPER WEDGE”

    Compression Style Dock Seal

    The Rotary Z-series Super Wedge Dock Seal is specially designed to economically seal the openings of 9′ or 10′ over-sized door widths.  A tight, effective weather-seal is made to the sides of the truck by flexing wedge-shaped pads projecting into the opening.
    Each model in the Z-Series dock seals is designed with polyurethane foam vertical pads attached to a wood base, covered with the same combination of materials available on compression dock seals.
    Headers are available with either a compression pad or a top-cap curtain designed to close the top to standard truck heights.
    The covering material on Rotary dock seals is flame tested to meet federal standards and exceeds most tensile and tear strength requirements.
    All Rotary dock seals are custom designed, complete with angle mounting brackets, air-exhaust ports and safety-yellow guide stripes.