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Vinyl Curtain Roll-Up Doors

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    Doors are constructed with a durable coated nylon reinforced vinyl, in your choice of standard colors, that is resistant to color fading and can be washed down. An optional, heavy duty 40 oz. material is available. Our Vinyl Curtain Roll-Up Doors utilize a durable, yet lightweight, deep channel aluminum track system. The doors are specially designed with fiberglass stiffeners for draft resistance and stability. A hem chain is used along the bottom of the door for added weight to prevent insects from getting into the building at the floor contact point and is designed to compensate for uneven or slanting floors. The door can be placed on the inside or outside of a building with in-jamb mounting, face-of-wall mounting, or inside standoff mounting. Vinyl Curtain Roll-Up Doors can be designed with manual or motor operation. Manual roll-up doors are available with either a chain hoist or springload system. Motor operation uses either in-tube motor for small doors or an external jackshaft motor for larger doors. Exterior wall mount protective hoods or a lock down systems with a solid bottom bar are available as options.


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