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Unmounted Track & Accessories

Material: 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel

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    16RT Roller Track

    The roller track is roll formed from 16 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. The trolley wheels roll on the track floor between the outside track wall and the inside safety flange. The safety flange formed toward the inside of the track provides better wheel guidance than track without this extra flange. The ends of the track are punched so that the track splices can lock two adjoining track ends together. The beveled entry combined with the downward aligning pressure from the track splices provide a very smooth transition across the track joint.

    Roller Track Length:
    16RT-96 – 8′-0″

    16RT-120 – 10′-0″

    16RT-144 – 12′-0″

    16RT-240 – 20′-0″

    16CT Curved Track


    The standard curve has end connectors for securing to adjacent sections of 16RTRoller Track. The standard curves have a 2 foot radius and are 90 degrees. Consult factory if larger radius curves are required.

    16TS Track Splice

    The track splice is used to secure two straight sections of track together.

    End Stops

    End Stops are used to prevent trolleys from rolling out of the ends of the track system.The 16ES End Stop is bolted to the hole at the top of the 16RT Roller Track. The ES End Stop slides in from the end of the track. The two legs of the ES End Stop fit in the two rolling surfaces of the track. The ES will close track to rollers in all fittings and at any point at or away from the end of the track. This can be put in a ceiling mounted track from the underside without requiring the track to be lowered. A 3/16 inch hex key tightens the ES End Stop.