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The Removable Mount

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    Universal Steel Mounting Hardware 

    Specially designed hardware to safely secure your PVC strip door to the wall, with a rounded mount cover to give PVC strips a longer life.

    We understand that in today’s work place there is a probability that your PVC strip door might be convenient in the winter but less convenient in the summer or vise-verse.  Taking a strip door down and hanging it back up can make this a chore rather than just a simple task.  For one thing, PVC strips are made slightly concave shaped so that the strips overlap each other, thus making it confusing when the door is re-hung after being stored in other fashions.

    Why not just make it easy and keep your strips looking good, functioning right, and easy to put up?  That’s what you will get when you use Rotary Products Removable Mounting system.

    Our L shaped steel hardware is designed to be mounted just once onto your opening surface, eliminating new holes having to be drilled and positioned, and unwanted wear and tear on the door opening.  The Universal hardware described above securely bolts onto the Removable mount easily, and will make removing and putting the door back up as easy as 123.