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T2 & 2000 Series Recessed Dock Lifts

These are by far the most popular size Disappearing Dock lifts sold. They are sized to handle pallet jacks, four-wheel carts and dolly trucks. They are also used for dock to ground access.

All of these units are designed for use with pallet jacks, four-wheeled carts and hand trucks. Their rugged tubular construction offers more rigidity with less weight than the solid bar leg alternatives. A wide assortment of accessories for these units is available.

MODEL 2400: This model was designed to fit into a typical dock leveler pit. The short platform length means the scissors legs are also shorter, therefore, travel is restricted to 40″. However, since dock levelers are only installed in raised docks, the 40″ of travel is more than sufficient.

MODELS 2500K & 2010K: For decades, these have been the most popular dock lifts in the country. Their 10″ pits are very easy to build and afford crush space between the bottom of the bevel toe guard and the bottom of the pit, for any debris that may fall into the pit.

T SERIES: Many dock designers are now specifying 8″ pits and this series of lifts is designed to fit them. The “T” series replaces our original “2000” series that was the industry standard for 25 years. It is not unusual for us to sell consumable parts such as wheels and cylinder packing kits for units that are 30 years old and still going strong. The new “T” series shares all of the robust engineering features of its workhorse predecessor and should serve equally well.

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    • All models are equipped with a hinged bridge with a pull back chain.
    • All of the electrical controllers are Underwriters Laboratories approved assemblies.
    • Each unit is washed with phosphoric acid, fully primed and then finished with baked enamel.
    • All cylinders are machine grade with clear plastic return lines & internal mechanical stops.
    • All pressure hoses are double wire braid with JIC fittings.
    • Reservoirs are mild steel.
    • These units conform to all applicable ANSI codes.

    5,000 lbs to 6,000 lbs capacity