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Brush Seal Installation For Pit Levelers

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    Cutting Brush Seals

    For best results of cutting the brush strip – use bolt cutters or side cutters that will pinch the strip to retain the bristle. The aluminum channel can be easily cut with a hack saw. If both the aluminum extrusion and brush strip are cut together, it is necessary to crimp the ends of the brush strip or use an adhesive sealer. For ease of assembly, file the burr caused by shearing.

    There are two ways to mount brush seals on dockboards; one is for units that are normally raised to meet the truck and another for those docks used primarily in a lowered position.  The point is to protect the seal from forklift damage by mounting it where it’s least likely to be exposed.

    As seen here, the B90 brush seal mounts against the curb angle near floor level and presses upon the leveler’s toe guard or skirt (3 lengths of bristle available – check gap sizes).  Cut side length, from rear to front, about 3″ beyond door. Hacksaw aluminum separately and cut brush holder with wire cutters to crimp filament in place.  Apply sealant or construction adhesive to rearmost 6″ of aluminum channel and mount ½” below floor level at rear, to about 1″ at the door.  A powder actuated fastener gun does the best and fastest job of attaching this piece.

    To protect the seals when the leveler is mostly used in a down position, we suggest mounting the seals below floor level and onto the toe guard or skirt area of the leveler itself.  To maintain a full seal, we must reach the door-bottom seal with this seal.  To accomplish this, we recommend a “Z” pattern installation as shown.